How do I contact Milk Rewards?
If you have a question about Milk Rewards, please let us know…
Phone: 1 (833) 464-5579

How do I get a Milk Rewards Game Card?
Milk Rewards game cards are distributed with any milk purchase by participating cafeterias in British Columbia (while supplies last). Refer to the program Terms & Conditions published on this website for no purchase entry requirements.

I have a Milk Rewards Game Card but the site isn’t accepting my code. What should I do now?
It is easy to make a mistake, so please make sure you are entering the code correctly (hint: codes only use uppercase letters and numbers). If your code still isn’t accepted, please send an email to with your code and we will verify the code and reply with instructions for how to complete your entry.

What are the odds of winning?
The odds of winning an instant prize are approximately 1 in 5 for Free Milk based upon a total of 75,000 instant win prizes available to be won during the program.

The odds of winning the grand prize draw depends on the number of valid entries received during the contest period.

For more information or for the odds of winning a specific prize please refer to the Terms & Conditions published on this website.

How do I claim an instant win prize?
Instant win (Free Milk) prizes are claimed at participating locations. The instructions are on the back of your winning Milk Rewards Game Card. If you have any trouble claiming a prize please send an email to and we can help straighten it out.

How do I claim a Rewards prize?
A rewards prize can be claimed through your account page . Collect points through unique codes that are found on a Milk Rewards Game Card and enter them online to see how many points each code is worth. Once you’ve earned enough points for the prize you are interested in, you can effectively redeem the prize and proceed to check out. Don’t have an account yet? Click here to create one.

How many points is my Milk Rewards Game Card code worth?
Point values are randomly generated by the Milk Rewards website upon each unique code entry found on the top portion of the Milk Rewards Game Card. The following values can be awarded per unique code: 3 points, 5 points, 10 points, 25 points, and 50 points!

How long does it take to receive a Rewards prize?
On average this process can take 3-4 weeks to complete. Sometimes it’s quicker and sometimes it’s slower, it depends on when you redeem, how quick you are to complete your prize release form and shipping timelines from our program partners.

Don’t worry though, we always try to keep you up-to-date on your redemption status and try to get rewards prizing in your hands as quick as possible.

The Rewards prize I’m interested is out of stock, will there be more prizes added to the catalogue?
At times we do evaluate most popular prizes and try to adjust stock (if possible). Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that once a prize is sold out that it will come back in stock – more times then not once a prize is sold out, it is gone for good.

What are BONUS prizes and why are they not available until certain dates?
Bonus prizes are new to the Milk Rewards program for 2019. These items are higher value items that are available in lower prize categories in limited quantities. We set staggered release dates to allow for more equal opportunities for participants to collect points in order to ensure there are prizes available right up until the final week for all to have a chance to redeem points.

How come my school cafeteria is not participating in Milk Rewards?
The Milk Rewards program is open to most secondary and post-secondary schools in British Columbia. Participation is voluntary at the discretion of the school, cafeteria or food service management.

If you’d like to ensure your school has the opportunity to participate in future programs, please let us know by emailing

Who operates the Milk Rewards program?
The Milk Rewards program is sponsored by the BC Dairy Association.

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